NAET Virginia - Nutrition


I believe that good nutrition and good health are fundamental rights that everyone should be able to enjoy.  Unfortunately, today's modern lifestyle make both hard to achieve. For one, we depend on an agricultural and food processing system that progressively alters the integrity of, and also robs the land, plants, animals and our bodies of the nutrition we need.  Secondly, our health lies in the hands of an industry entrenched in treating symptoms instead of treating the underlying causes of the diseases we suffer.

Our physical bodies are made out of hundreds of organic compounds including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria. A myriad of integrated physical systems work diligently, manufacturing and transporting necessary compounds to specific sites in order to ensure the proper functioning of vital organs and tissues that make up our bodies. The form and integrity of nutrients, as well as source of those nutrients, have a direct impact on the performance of all of our body's systems, including your immune, digestive, hormonal or endocrine, respiratory and nervous systems.

My fundamental principle in nutrition is to uphold food preparation standards and food sourcing standards that respect the land and vegetable and animal life forms as much as it is possible. This means simple and effective pre-industrial food preparation methods that can be implemented in our modern day kitchens and which embody the wisdom of traditional practices that enhance the digestibility, nutrient content, and quality of our foods. This also means sourcing local foods that are produced in sustainable operations and that minimize processing, thereby preserving the nutritional quality.

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